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Haoshun’s food nowadays is one of the most important Chinese companies concerning all kinds of canned foods processing, sales and distribution to more than 40 countries.
Haoshun’s food was founded in 1986, has More than 20 years’ experience of canned food culture, combined with a unique high level of technology, mean that nature is encouraged and assisted to supply canned food of the highest quality.
Haoshun’s food products are surely of standard quality.
From the initial stage of procurement of raw materials to final stage of packing & storing, all the products undergo strict quality test. Pershipment inspection by lawful authority is provided.
The conservation of raw materials within 24 hours guarantees to the consumers that they will retail their original freshness and flavor for 3 years and more.
Production equipments and machines adopt international advanced processing technology. The company has established a full quality control system and managerial system. Besides that, all of our products are TSE-ISO 9001 certified, IFS certified, FDA certified and produced in accordance with the HACCP food safety system.
The primary goals of implementation of the HACCP system are:
To constantly and consistently produce safe, reliable products within the system
To meet consumer demands and gain consumers’ trust by implementing the system, which is accepted as an international norm.
To offer consumers high quality and safe products.
To ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.
To ensure the effective usage of resources.
Haoshun’s food has joined an important export growing in latest years mainly thanks to our aim to offer the best products at the reasonable prices.
As a marketing-focused company, we have nurtured our brands to leadership position all over the world. At the same time, we are also pack a lot of private labels.
Haoshun’s food is best options for those clients who are looking for a good canned food supplier.
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